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AutoLimitedAccess for Act! v21, v20, v19, & v18

Automatically set your contact, company or group limited access rules on the fly with AutoLimitedAccess.



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ALA for Act! v21

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ALA for Act! v20 


ALA for Act! v19


ALA for Act! v18


ALA for Act! v17

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AutoLimitedAccess allows you to define sets of rules, so that as contacts, companies or groups are created/updated, limited access is automatically set. You can select any combination of users and teams, users only or teams only.

(Click images to enlarge)

The below image shows an overall view of the rules
you have defined for the current database.


The next image below shows one of the defined rules.
In this case, City is Equal To "Portland" and is assigned
to a specific user and the Oregon team.


When new rules are defined, you should then use the "Run Now" option.
Run Now will scan the entire database, or a lookup and set access if needed.
The Professional version allows Territory Realignment, as seen below.
In addition, the Professional version allows for command line control.


Pricing: Professional $99.00 USD

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