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Automatically populate field data in ACT!® 2007!

AutoFill 2007 from ASDS Computer is the easy way to automatically populate ACT! fields based on criteria you set. Eliminate tedious data entry and save valuable time. Simply choose your 'trigger' field (like Zip Code), enter a value, and then choose your 'target' fields to fill (like City and State) with the values you specify!

  • Do you find yourself manually entering data into ACT! that you wish could be automatically populated?
  • Do you use custom ACT! fields that always contain one of a limited set of values?

Unleash the automation power of ASDS Computer's AutoFill 2007 and save countless hours of repetitive and time consuming ACT! data entry! With AutoFill 2007, you can quickly create custom scripts that will automatically fill in fields like City and State based on the Zip Code data that you enter. Or use it to automatically assign a territory to records based on their location. The possibilities are endless with AutoFill 2007!

Auto-populate multiple target fields from each trigger field you choose. Assign as many trigger values as you want for each AutoFill script. Run as many AutoFill scripts as you want simultaneously. Edit existing AutoFill scripts row-by-row as circumstances dictate. Import AutoFill script trigger and target field values from text delimited files.

If you have ACT! field data that is always going to be the same based on another field's value, then you need the automation power of AutoFill 2007, only from ASDS Computer!

Pricing:  $49.00 USD

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