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Putting ACT! 2000 and ACT! 6 Administrative Functions on Autopilot - Backups, Database Maintenance, and Synchronization While You Sleep!


  • Multiple Database Support: Allows you to specify multiple databases and time slots.
  • Maintenance Options: Choose any or all of the following options: Backup, Compress & Reindex, Synchronization, Process Group Membership Rules, Delete Remotely Deleted Sync Records, Remove Windows' Temporary Files, Backup Extra Files (docs, templates, etc.).
  • Time and Day Settings: AutoAdmin II can be purchases in two different modes. Single database/timeslot mode or multiple databases/timeslots. There are 288 slots per day (in 5 minute increments).
  • FTP Sync and FTP Backup: Use remote locations to transfer sync packets or your backups.
  • Sync & Email Settings: Allows specification of synchronization method and mailbox that contains synchronization packets. Requires that your database has previously been set up for synchronization.
  • Advanced Options: Allows you to tune AutoAdmin II for slower computers.

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Single Timeslot License - $139.00 USD; Multi Timeslot License - $299.00 USD

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