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AutoAdmin for Act! v16

Keep your Act! v16 data safe and healthy with the #1 unattended backup and maintenance tool!  Receive Email confirmation and alerts and even backup off site.






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AutoAdmin for Act! v16 effortlessly backs up and maintains all your Act! v16 data on a schedule you control, so you know you're protected from disastrous data loss and costly interruptions.  AutoAdmin is the #1 unattended administration software that Act! v16 administrators, ACCs and Act! v16 users have counted on for years to ensure their valuable Act! v16 data is safe and healthy.

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In just a few minutes, you can have peace of mind knowing all your workgroup and remote Act! v16 data are securely backed up on a regular schedule that requires no user intervention.  Every morning you'll get a brief e-mail message confirming that all your valuable databases were backed up and tuned up, so you'll always know your data is safe and healthy.  Large workgroup databases can be maintained and backed up after hours. For extra reliability, backups can be saved offsite to your password-protected "FTP server" with no extra effort.  AutoAdmin is the most powerful and effortless tool for making sure you can recover quickly from data disasters.

"Your incredible product is not only a time-saver but a life saver. Our Act! v16 server crashed on us and thanks to AutoAdmin we had a copy from earlier that day backed up on our network...I took that backup and extracted it in a new directory on another data server and we were back up and running in less then 10-minutes."

Pricing: $199.00 USD                                                                                  

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