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Scan Documents Directly Into Your ACT! 2000 or ACT! 6 Contact Records - Easy Input, Easy Access

In today’s marketplace you’ve got to move quickly. ACTScan is the perfect tool to help you file hardcopy client documentation right along with all your other contact information, without ever leaving ACT!.

ACTScan allows you to get your documents in quickly and then access them immediately when you need them. With the addition of ACTView or Adobe Acrobat, everyone in your office can view the documents.

New in Version 1.5

  • ACTScan will now save to the widely used, Portable Document Format (PDF). Please note that ACTScan will not read PDF files. You must use Adobe Acrobat’s free Acrobat Reader™ to read PDF files.
  • One Click Scanning. You’ll now have two icons in ACT! to launch ACTScan. The original icon launches ACTScan in the normal way. The second icon, will launch ACTScan in One Click mode. One Click mode scans and automatically attaches your current document(s) with the current contact.
  • Auto naming of attachments. ACTScan will now automatically name your attachments for you in one of two formats. The first format creates a filename using the current date and time, down to the seconds. The second format, will grab information from a specified field in your database, then append the date and time.
  • Rubberband selection of an area is now possible. Point your mouse to the start area, click-and-hold the left mouse button down, then drag to your ending area. Release the mouse button and you’ll now have a rubberband area that can be copied to the clipboard or cropped to become the new image.
  • New Zoom options. You can now zoom your images to 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 150%, 200% and 500%. You can also set the zoom factor to be the default for all new images loaded. Note that zooms don’t actually effect the image size.
  • ACTScan can now be set to change the current contact information whenever ACT!’s current record changes.
  • New automatic functions for scanned documents. Auto Negate, to create a negative image and 90, 180 & 270 degree rotation.
  • Pixel type (Color, Grayscale and B&W) and Dots Per Inch (DPI) can now be set for those scanners that support it. This is very useful when doing One Click Scanning.


  • Scan documents directly into ACT! contact records right from ACT!
  • Manipulate the images as desired.
  • Reduce paper customer files and get organized like never before.
  • Prevent lost documentation.
  • Scan, organize, store and find documents easily.

Perfect for:

  • Recruiters (Resumes)
  • Financial Planners (Statements)
  • Real Estate Agents (Digital Photos)
Average File Sizes:

View the average file sizes for scans created by ACTScan.


Pricing: $195.00 USD

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