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The Definitive Account Management Suite for ACT! 2005/2006

AccountCenter for ACT! gives you all the tools you need to transform ACT! from a Contact Manager into an Account Manager. Change how you work with company-centric tools that allow you to view and manage relationships with your accounts, not your contacts!

Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see the AccountCenter Toolbar, the Dynamic Company Navigator, and the ASDS Advanced Lookup tool!

As soon as you start ACT! 2005/2006 with AccountCenter, you'll experience the power of more CRM-like functionality. The program loads into the Company detail view with all companies looked up, bypassing the extra mouse clicks ACT! requires. From here, you have instant access to all the account-centric features of AccountCenter!

First, the AccountCenter toolbar contains a Company record counter that works just like the one ACT! has in the Contact view. It also has commands for: automatically creating linked companies from contacts; a custom 'Create contact from Company' dialog box that auto-fills Company field data and doesn't require switching to the Contact detail view; Schedule and Record History functions that default to the current company; the dockable, resizable Dynamic Company Navigator with a selectable Current Lookup list view or Company Tree view; the AccountCenter Advanced Query tool that gives you access to all of ACT!'s Boolean Logic operators and editable full SQL statements for querying Companies, Groups, or Contacts; and finally, the Account Time Display that always shows you the local time for the current record.

In addition to the AccountCenter toolbar, you'll appreciate easy access to many of AccountCenter's features built right into ACT!'s default menus! If you need to manage your ACT! contacts more like true accounts, then you need AccountCenter for ACT!. It's the only system that combines account-centric functions and features into a powerful yet easy to use integrated solution.

Pricing: $99.00 USD

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