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Make the most of your Act! investment with essential tools and services from ASDS Computer 

As Act! Certified Consultants we offer everything related to Act!  You can purchase your Act! licenses, Subscriptions, Training, Installation, Customization Services and Act! Add ons through us. 

More importantly though, we are a resource for business process improvement consulting.  We work with clients to help you get the most out of Act!  We believe in using the software as a tool to help you maximize your business goals.  We are a very experienced team that you can consult with to help you determine how you should implement Act! for your business.   This includes bringing in data from other sources and interfacing with other systems.

Act! v22 Growth Suite is here!

CRM & Marketing Automation built for small & midsized business success.



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Add Ons for Act! v18,v19,v20,v21,V22 Other Act! Products and Services

ASDS Add-Ons for Act! v17, v18, v19, v20, v21, v22

FaxAdmin -  Fax from within Act! via modem

DocAdmin - Scan Documents directly into Act!

MergeAdmin - Merge Data into Act!

MigrateAdmin - Convert GoldMine to Act!

AutoAdmin - Automate backups even to offsite FTP

AutoLimited Access -Automatically set limited Access


Act! Consulting

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What's New in Act! Growth Suite Add-On Products for Older Act! Builds


Full-featured, everywhere access CRM
Powerful Marketing Automation
Convenient Act! Companion mobile app
Expert technical support
Exclusive Act! Insider membership benefits




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