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How to completely Uninstall/Reinstall DocAdmin 2008


You need to fully reinstall DocAdmin 2008 to correct an issue with the program


The following steps will guide you through completely uninstalling/reinstalling the DocAdmin 2008 program

1. Close ACT!
2. Uninstall any versions of DocAdmin from Control Panel > Add Remove Programs
3. Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\Your Username\Application Data\ and delete the “ASDS” folder
4. Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\Your Username\Application Data\ACT\ACT for Windows 10\ and delete the “DependantDlls” file
5. Browse to C:\Windows\assembly and delete any files left over with “ASDS” as part of the filename
6. Download DocAdmin 2008 from here:
7. Double-click that installation file to install the correct version of DocAdmin
8. Restart ACT! 

IMPORTANT! If you do NOT see “Application Data” under your username from step 3 above, then you might have hidden folders enabled. To show all hidden folders open My Computer, go to TOOLS > FOLDER OPTIONS. Click the “View” tab. Set the option for “Show Hidden Files and Folders”. Now you should see the “Application Data” folder. 

This will fully reinstall the DocAdmin software.