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After installing the PhoneFix utility the phone formatting was not corrected.

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Last updated: 14 Sep, 2009
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You have installed the PhoneFix utility and your numbers still do not have the parenthesis around the area code.


You must run the utility by going to TOOLS > PhoneFix by ASDS Computer Co.  If you have ran it, you must also refresh the database by pressing CONTROL - F5 or exiting and restarting ACT!.

You should check the following steps and do them in Order in order to make sure the tool will work.

1.  Go to a record with the incorrect fax number.

2.  Click the button to the right of the field when you click into the Fax Field.

3.  Make sure the Country is set to "United States"

4.  Make sure the Format chosen is "(%%%) %%%-%%%%"

5.  Press the "Edit Formats" button.

6.  Make sure the one checked as default is "(%%%) %%%-%%%%".

7.  Go to TOOLS > PhoneFix by ASDS Computer.

8.  Click "OK" to run the tool.

NOTE!  Any contact that is not set to "United States" will not be updated correctly.


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