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How to troubleshoot issues with FaxAdmin and MS Fax.

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Last updated: 14 Sep, 2009
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You are trying to get FaxAdmin to work with MS Fax and are having difficulties.


There are several things that MUST be checked prior to expecting FaxAdmin to link to MS Fax.  Please see the following:

Version Requirements

MS Fax  MS Fax must be installed on the machine first.  MS fax or "Fax Console" as it is labeled is included with Windows, however it might not be installed by default.  This is typically found under START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > COMMUNICATION > FAX.  If you do not see it here or have these options, you may need to install the MS Fax software.  This can typically be done by going to START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL > ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS and clicking on "Add or Remove Windows Components".  From here you can check the option for MS Fax.  Note:  Your Windows installation CD may be required.  If you require further assistance getting this installed, you should consult your windows help or contact Microsoft for further support.

FaxAdmin must also be updated to the latest version.  We continually update our software with new features and fixes.  You can ensure that you have the latest version by clicking on the link below.  Once you download the software, double-click it to install.  Make sure ACT! is closed prior to running this update.  Note:  If you are up to date, you will get a repair screen for the install. Please click "Cancel" at this point as you are already up to date.

Download Link:

Can you fax out of MS Fax by itself?

Because FaxAdmin is an add-on product to ACT!, we must have a fully functional copy of MS Fax installed and working.  You MUST be able to open the Fax Console, click the "Send" button, and fill out the information and send a fax without using ACT! or FaxAdmin.  If you can not perform this function in MS Fax alone, you will NOT be able to use FaxAdmin.  You must get this corrected first by either consulting the HELP documentation for Fax Console or contacting Microsoft for technical support for the MS Fax product.

You can fax out of MS Fax by itself, now what?

If you can send a fax out of MS Fax without difficulty, but are still not able to send a fax from ACT! 2005/2006 with FaxAdmin installed and configured, then you should contact FaxAdmin technical support so we can evaluate this issue further.  Please contact technical support by visiting our support website at  There you will find several options for support including creating a support ticket for your issue.

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