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FaxAdmin Menu no longer appears to the right of the Help menu

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Last updated: 16 Apr, 2010
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You find that the FaxAdmin menu is no longer showing up to the right of the Help menu in ACT!


This can occur due to a refresh bug in ACT!  To determine if this is the cause, hover your mouse where the FaxAdmin menu should be located.  In many cases it will just re-appear by placing your mouse over this area.  If this does NOT bring back the FaxAdmin menu then it needs to be determined of the plugin is no longer loading into ACT!.  To determine this, go to TOOLS > PREFERENCES > COMMUNICATIONS.  From here, the "Fax Software" drop down should show "FaxAdmin".  If you DO NOT see this listed, then the FaxAdmin software needs to be reinstalled.  Please refer to the related article below for re-installation instructions.

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