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What do the ASDS FaxManager cover pages look like?

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Last updated: 15 Sep, 2009
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You would like to know what the cover pages look like when using the ASDS FaxManager provider before you send your fax.


Attached to this KB article are PDF files of each blank cover page.  The "%" data you will see in the PDF files are the mail merge fields and what data will be pulled from ACT! and placed on the cover page.

Attached files
file Urgent!.pdf (14 kb)
file For Your Information.pdf (10 kb)
file Cover2.pdf (3 kb)
file Cover1.pdf (2 kb)
file Confidential!.pdf (13 kb)

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document How to customize the cover pages used by ASDS FaxManager

Also listed in
folder Product Support -> FaxAdmin -> FaxAdmin 2010

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