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How to completely uninstall and reinstall AutoAdmin 2008

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Last updated: 25 Nov, 2009
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You can no longer load AutoAdmin 2008 and have tried the steps covered in the KB article regarding corrupt configuration files and determine you need to reinstall AutoAdmin 2008.


Follow the steps below in order to completely uninstall and reinstall AutoAdmin 2008.

1.  Close ACT!.
2.  Uninstall AutoAdmin 2008 via Control Panel, Add Remove Programs.
3.  Browse to C:\Program Files\ASDS\ and delete the "AutoAdmin 2008" folder.
4.  Browse to C:\Windows\Assembly\ and delete any files with "ASDS" as part of the filename.
5.  Download AutoAdmin 2008:
6.  Save this to your desktop.
7.  Double-click the installer to start the installation

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