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AutoAdmin 2008 fails to load due to an error message

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Last updated: 25 Nov, 2009
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You attempt to load AutoAdmin 2008 from the program group or start it in service mode and it fails to start due to an error message.


This can happen if the AutoAdmin 2008 configuration file is damaged.  The configuration file (.AAC) file is where the settings for what AutoAdmin 2008 is instructed to do are stored.  This file can become corrupt.  You can try the following steps to rename your current configuration file so AutoAdmin 2008 can create a new one.

1.  Go to START > RUN and type %appdata% and click Run or OK
2.  Open the 'ASDS' folder
3.  Open the 'Configs' folder
4.  Right click the "default.aac" file or your own file if you gave it a name and rename the .aac extension to ".old"
5.  Restart AutoAdmin 2008, this will create a new configuration file

If this corrects the issue, you just simply need to recreate the timeslot and choose your settings. 

NOTE:  If you do NOT see the "default.aac" file located in the folder mentioned above, it may be located under C:\Program Files\ASDS\AutoAdmin\Configs or any other location you may have saved the file to.

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