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How to resolve issues with FaxAdmin not finding your modem

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Last updated: 14 Sep, 2009
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You have installed FaxAdmin and have set it to use the "ASDS FaxManager" provider for sending faxes.  When it searches for a fax modem it returns a message of "No Modems Found".


There are several reasons why the modem may not be found during the search for modems.  First thing to check is that ACT! dialer is not enabled.  To do this, follow these steps:

2.  Click the "Communications" tab
3.  Click on the "Dialer Preferences" button
4.  Ensure that the option to enable the dialer is NOT checked.  If so, Uncheck it and then click APPLY then OK

5.  Go to the FAXADMIN menu and choose "ASDS Fax Modem Refresh"

If this does not resolve it you might have something else set to use the modem such as MS Fax or Vista Fax and Scan.  If you have MS Fax or Vista Fax and Scan it might be set to Auto Receive faxes which will cause the modem to be in use.  Go into those programs and make sure they are NOT set to "Auto Answer" or "Auto Receive".

Another possible reason the modem is not being found is if it is not available to the Windows system.  To check this, 

2.  Click the 'Phone and Modem Options' icon
3.  Click the 'Modem' tab.  If a modem is present, highlight it and click  'Properties'
4.  From the properties box, click the 'Diagnostics' tab. 
5.  From this tab, click the 'Query Modem' button. 

This should return a list of commands that the modem received and responded to.  If this generates an  error, you will need to resolve this before attempting to fax out using FaxAdmin 2008.  You should also pay close attention to what "Port" it is set to.  If it reads "Not Present" then Windows is NOT detecting the presence of a modem and this will need to be addressed first.

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