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No modems found after upgrading to ACT! 2009 (11.0)

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Last updated: 25 Nov, 2009
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You have upgraded to ACT! 2009 (11.0), and now ASDS FaxManager is reporting "No Modems Found".


The ACT! dialer is enabed, however there is a defect in ACT! 2009 (11.0) that you can NOT disable the ACT! dialer.  The ACT! dialer will cause the modem to be in use and FaxMan will not be able to use the modem.  In order to correct this you will need to manually change your ACT! preferences file.  EXTREME caution should be used when manually altering the ACT! preferences file.  See the following steps:

Verify that the ACT! dialer is enabled:

***Go to TOOLS | PREFERENCES | COMMUNICATIONS TAB | DIALER PREFERENCES.  Verify there is a check for "Use ACT! Dialer".  If this is the case, continue to the steps below.

1.  Go to START | RUN and type %appdata% and click RUN.
2.  Open the ACT folder followed by the "ACT! for Windows 11" folder.
3.  Open the "Preferences" folder.
4.  Right-click the "USpreferences206" file and choose "Open With" and choose "Notepad"
5.  Go to EDIT | FIND and type "Dialer"
6.  Under the Dialer section, locate the "UseDialer" line and change the "True" to a "False" leaving all other formatting the same, JUST change the word "True" to "False".
7.  Close the file and choose YES to save changes.

Now if you open ACT!, the dialer should NOT be enabled and you can now scan for the modem and it should find it.

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