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Error: "You must have Wordpad installed in order to use FaxAdmin"

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Last updated: 14 Sep, 2009
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This error message occurs when you are missing a registry key for the location of the WordPad.exe


IMPORTANT!:  The following steps involve going into your Windows registry.  It is highly recommended you make a backup of your Windows registry prior to making changes.  You MUST exercise caution when making changes to the Windows registry!

You can use the following steps to correct this problem.

  1. Close ACT! 2005/2006.
  2. Go to START > RUN and type "regedit".
  3. Browse to the following registry key:
    Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\
  4. Right-click on "App Paths" and choose NEW > KEY.
  5. With the new key highlighted, type "WORDPAD.EXE" and press Enter.
  6. Click on the new key "WORDPAD.EXE" and on the right side of the screen right-click "(default)" and choose "Modify".
  7. Enter the following into the "Value Data" line: 
    "%ProgramFiles%\Windows NT\Accessories\WORDPAD.EXE"
  8. Close the registry editor and try installing FaxAdmin again.
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