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How to completely uninstall/reinstall FaxAdmin 2008

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Last updated: 14 Sep, 2009
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FaxAdmin 2008 is causing errors and you would like to reinstall the application.


01.  Close ACT!
02.  Remove any FaxAdmin software from Control Panel, Add Remove Programs
03.  Go to START | RUN and type %appdata%
04.  Delete the "ASDS" folder
05.  Open the "ACT" folder, Open the "ACT for Windows 11" folder.
06.  Delete the file named "DependentDlls"
07.  Go to START | RUN and type "Assembly"
08.  Delete any files that begin with "ASDS" buy just clicking the file and hitting your delete key
09.  Download the latest installer from here:
10.  Save this to your desktop and then right click the file and choose "Unblock"
11.  Double-Click to install FaxAdmin

Once that is done, do these steps to make sure it is configured properly:

01.  Open ACT!
03.  Make sure and select "FaxAdmin 2008" from the drop down for Faxing Software
04.  Click the "Fax Options" button.
05.  Make sure Winfax pro is selected if that is what you are using.
06.  Click APPLY, then OK.

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