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After installing FaxAdmin 2008 or 2010 ACT! fails to load completely

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Last updated: 25 Nov, 2009
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You install FaxAdmin and ACT! will no longer load or it will hang at the splash screen.


This can occur if you have MS Fax set as the faxing client and it is not fully setup or is not functioning.  You will need to uninstall FaxAdmin 2008, then attempt to open MS Fax and fax.  Most likely you will see a message in Fax Console about a missing "Fax Printer".  This indicates that MS Fax needs to be reinstalled OR removed.  FaxAdmin 2008 does install it's own faxing software so you do have the option of removing MS Fax from Control Panel, Add Remove Windows Components.  Once MS Fax is removed or repaired, reinstall FaxAdmin 2008 and this should correct ACT! freezing.

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