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Issues with converting attachments to a fax image

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Last updated: 14 Sep, 2009
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When performing a Fax Blast or other faxes from ACT! you have issues with converting your attachment to a fax image or you see that the process appears to just hang. 


This is usually an issue with WinFax Pro and the WinFax printers that are located under START > SETTINGS > PRINTERS.  To test if these printers are functioning properly, try the following steps:

  1. Create a new text file on the desktop by right clicking and choose NEW > Text Document.
  2. Type some text into this document.
  3. Go to FILE > PRINT and choose "WinFax" or "WinFax Photo" as the printer.

This above steps should load your test document into the WinFax Pro send screen.  If this does NOT occur and the process also appears to be hung then you must contact Symantec for assistance with printing to the WinFax Printers.  These printers are used for converting ACT! documents to fax images.

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