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Word Document Becomes Multiple Pages During a Fax Blast.

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Last updated: 25 Nov, 2009
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You are sending a Word document using the Fax Blast tool and the document becomes multiple pages when the recipient receives your fax.


Word documents that contain columns are not coming out exactly as the document should.  The columns in the document will push margins settings out and force a multiple page document. 

Option 1:
The manufacturer of the document conversion component recommends using a table instead of a column whenever possible to avoid this issue. 

Option 2:
Click the "Use alternate document conversion method" option in the FaxBlast - Add Attachments dialog. 
When this option is checked, the Word document will be sent to the ASDSFax fax/print driver, allowing Word to control how the document is created for the fax attachment. 

Option 3:
If this does not resolve your issue, a workaround is to convert the Word document to a .PDF files whenever possible. If Adobe Acrobat is installed, you can open your Word document and export as a PDF file. 

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed, you can download a free PDF print driver called "CutePDF."  You can then open your Word document and print to the PDF print driver.  Then attach the PDF to your fax blast instead of the Word document. 

You can get the CutePDF conversion tool for free at

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