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Outgoing Faxes Failing Due To Missing "1" for Long Distance

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Last updated: 15 Sep, 2009
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Your outgoing faxes are not being sent due to a "1" not being dialed for long distance faxes.


This problem is due to fax numbers in ACT! not having parenthesis around the area code on the phone number.  Faxing applications require that the number be formatted with the area code being surrounded by parenthesis.  Here is an example of this format:  "(555) 555-5555"  This format is known as "TAPI Conical Format".  

We install a tool with FaxAdmin to fix your numbers if they are not formatted this way.  You can use the following steps to correct phone numbers in ACT! that are NOT formatted in TAPI Conical Format.

1.  Backup your database!  You can do this via FILE > BACKUP in ACT!.
2.  Go to TOOLS > PhoneFix by ASDS Computer.
Select either the whole database or only the current lookup and then click OK. 

IMPORTANT!  You must press Control F5 to refresh the database after the tool has been run. 

NOTE!  If the PhoneFix tool does not appear to fix your phone numbers, you should go through the following steps to make sure ACT! is setup correctly in order to allow the PhoneFix tool to fix the numbers.

1.  Go to a record with the incorrect fax number.
2.  Click the button to the right of the field when you click into the Fax Field.
3.  Make sure the Country is set to "United States"
4.  Make sure the Format chosen is "(%%%) %%%-%%%%"
5.  Press the "Edit Formats" button.
6.  Make sure the one checked as default is "(%%%) %%%-%%%%".
7.  Go to TOOLS > PhoneFix by ASDS Computer.
8.  Click "OK" to run the tool.

NOTE!  Any contact that is not set to "United States" will not be updated correctly.

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