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Error: "No Modems Found" when setting up FaxAdmin to use the ASDS FaxManager.

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Last updated: 25 Nov, 2009
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You installed FaxAdmin and set it up to use the ASDS FaxManager and upon searching for a modem, you get a "No Modems Found" message.


FaxAdmin requires that a modem be installed in the PC where FaxAdmin and ACT! are installed.  We highly recommend that you first test the modem by either using MS Fax or the Windows dialer to make  sure that the modem is installed and has the ability to access a phone line.  To test the Windows dialer, simply go to START > RUN and type 'dialer'.  Once this comes up, press the 'Dial' button and choose the option of  'Phone Call' rather than 'Internet Call'.  If this is a success and MS Fax and/or the Windows dialer is able to use the modem and a phone line, then there are several things that can cause the 'No Modems Found'  message.  Here are some things to check for in no particular order:

1.)  Make sure there is a Modem installed in the PC.  Go to START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL.  Click the 'Phone and Modem Options' icon.  Click the 'Modem' tab.  If a modem is present, highlight it and click  'Properties'.  From the properties box, click the 'Diagnostics' tab.  From this tab, click the 'Query Modem' button.  This should return a list of commands that the modem received and responded to.  If this generates an  error, you will need to resolve this before attempting to fax out using FaxAdmin 2008.

2.)  ACT! Dialer may be enabled.  In ACT!, go to TOOLS > PREFERENCES and click the 'Communications' tab.  Press the 'Dialer Preferences' button.  Make sure that 'Use Dialer' is NOT checked.  If it is, uncheck this option and choose "OK" and try to scan for the modem again using the "ASDS Fax Modem Refresh" option under the FAXADMIN menu.

3.)  MS Fax  or Vista Fax and Scan may be set to 'Auto Receive' faxes.  To disable this feature open MS Fax Console.  Then go to TOOLS > FAX PRINTER CONFIGURATION.  Click the 'Devices' tab.  From the 'Devices' tab, click the 'Properties'  tab.  Then, click the 'Receive' tab.  Ensure the option for 'Enable device to recieve' is NOT checked.

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