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Faxing from Word using the "ACT" menu crashes ACT! and fails.

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Last updated: 14 Sep, 2009
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When trying to send a fax from Word using the "ACT" menu, ACT! crashes and faxing fails. 


This is a known issue at this time.  Starting with ACT! 2007, there is an issue with using the ACT! menu in Word.  There is not a fix for this at this time.  The only work around is to use the mail merge option and set the output to "Fax".  To do this, you will need to first edit your template and insert the body of your letter to be sent.  Then save the template and go to WRITE > MAIL MERGE > and choose your template.  From there set the output to "Fax". 

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Winfax Pro freezes when attempting to open or send a fax.     Sending a fax from Word using the ACT! menu crashes ACT!.