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document MigrateAdmin 2008 shows "Not Responding" during the Migration of Emails.
Situation You are running MigrateAdmin 2008 and during the process of migrating emails from Goldmine, the windows shows "Not Responding" or the progress bar has disappeared or shows no progress. Solution The migration of emails is very processor intensive and can cause the application to...
14 Sep, 2009 Views: 18
document How do you start MigrateAdmin 2008?
Situation You have installed MigrateAdmin 2008 and want to know how to start the application. Solution MigrateAdmin 2008 now can run as either a standalone application or can be started from ACT!.  To launch the software without loading ACT!, you go to START > PROGRAMS >...
14 Sep, 2009 Views: 20
document After migrating data from GM you are missing activites, notes, etc.
Situation After running MigrateAdmin, you seem to be missing activities, notes, history, etc. Solution You may need to change the filter in the calendar view or notes view etc. to display the new information for other users in the database.  You can click the "Select Users" button...
14 Sep, 2009 Views: 25