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document Data migration fails due to an "Out of Memory" error.
Situation You run MigrateAdmin 2007 and during "Parsing" you receive an "Out of Memory" error message and MigrateAdmin fails. Solution This error occurs when using ACT! Premium EX edition with large Goldmine databases.  There is a 1 gigabyte limit to SQL in the EX version of ACT!...
14 Sep, 2009 Views: 17
document "Too Many Fields Defined" error when attempting to use MigrateAdmin or MigrateAdmin 2007.
Situation When going through the MigrateAdmin wizard, you receive the error "Too Many Fields Defined".  Solution This occurs when you have too many custom fields defined in Goldmine.  You will need to reduce the number of custom fields before running the migration.  To see...
14 Sep, 2009 Views: 17