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document How to force FaxAdmin to dial exactly what is listed in the Fax Field
Situation You need to be able to dial the fax number exactly as it is entered in the fax field Solution IMPORTANT!  This solution is NOT intended for correcting issues where it is NOT dialing the "1" etc. for long distance faxing.  That can be resolved by referencing the KB below...
15 Sep, 2009 Views: 222
document No modems found after upgrading to ACT! 2009 (11.0)
Situation You have upgraded to ACT! 2009 (11.0), and now ASDS FaxManager is reporting "No Modems Found". Solution The ACT! dialer is enabed, however there is a defect in ACT! 2009 (11.0) that you can NOT disable the ACT! dialer.  The ACT! dialer will cause the modem to be in use and...
25 Nov, 2009 Views: 180
document How to Cancel Outgoing Faxes When Using the ASDS FaxManager Provider to Send Faxes.
Situation You have decided to cancel a fax job you have submitted when using ASDS Fax Manager as the faxing provider.  This might include a "Fax Blast" or a "Mail Merge" fax. Solution You can cancel outgoing faxes by going to the FaxAdmin menu and choosing ASDS FaxManager.  From...
25 Nov, 2009 Views: 183
document How to check the status of outgoing faxes when using the ASDS FaxManager provider.
Situation You have sent faxes and would like to see which faxes have failed and which ones have been sent successfully. Solution You can check the status of outgoing faxes by using the ASDS Fax Manager.  To access the ASDS Fax Manager, go to the FaxAdmin menu and choose ASDS Fax...
25 Nov, 2009 Views: 183
document How to De-Activate FaxAdmin 2008 in order to install on a different computer.
Situation You would like to move your install of FaxAdmin 2008 or 2010 to another computer and you need to first de-activate your software in order to re-activate it on the new computer. Solution Before you uninstall FaxAdmin 2008 or 2010 from your current computer, you will...
25 Nov, 2009 Views: 150
document How to completely uninstall/reinstall FaxAdmin 2008
Situation FaxAdmin 2008 is causing errors and you would like to reinstall the application. Solution 01.  Close ACT! 02.  Remove any FaxAdmin software from Control Panel, Add Remove Programs 03.  Go to START | RUN and type %appdata% 04.  Delete the "ASDS"...
14 Sep, 2009 Views: 167
document 'Fax Blast' is greyed out when using FaxAdmin 2008 and MS Fax as the faxing provider.
Situation: You are using MS Fax as your faxing solution and the 'Fax Blast' is not an option is unavailable Solution: Unfortunately the MSFax software does not support the 'fax blast' feature of FaxAdmin.  This feature is only available when using either ASDS FaxManager, FaxTalk...
25 Nov, 2009 Views: 159
document How to customize the cover pages used by ASDS FaxManager
Situation You would like to customize the cover pages that are used with the ASDS FaxManager software. Solution At this time the FaxManager software does not have a utility to modify the cover pages.  To see what each of these cover pages looks like you can see the KB article below for...
12 Nov, 2009 Views: 361
document After installing FaxAdmin 2008 or 2010 ACT! fails to load completely
Situation You install FaxAdmin and ACT! will no longer load or it will hang at the splash screen. Solution This can occur if you have MS Fax set as the faxing client and it is not fully setup or is not functioning.  You will need to uninstall FaxAdmin 2008, then attempt to open MS Fax...
25 Nov, 2009 Views: 170
document Word Document Becomes Multiple Pages During a Fax Blast.
Situation You are sending a Word document using the Fax Blast tool and the document becomes multiple pages when the recipient receives your fax. Solution Word documents that contain columns are not coming out exactly as the document should.  The columns in the document will push margins...
25 Nov, 2009 Views: 161

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